Anonymous asked:

I don't think Liam is talking about Danielle. Payzer ran it's course. Liam was the one who choose to date Sophia. I don't know what is stopping Liam from being with Sophia. If it's the distance i get it, but if Zayn and Louis can make it work then so could Liam. If he really wants it to work out he just needs to make the effort. Liam is an enigma most of the time, but the Chris Brown song is pretty obvious. At this point he just needs to get back with Sophia or try being single for a while.

sophsmiths answered:

I don’t think he is either. Well yeah…and he went out with Danielle for almost 3 years and it was fine. That’s why I’m annoyed. He keeps tweeting about missing her and wanting her back instead of actually doing something about it. I’m just so done, ugh. Can we please bring back 2011 Liam???